We offer very interesting payment for our independent partners.

The commission system runs a total of 10 levels.

The advantage for you is the fact that you in every level the suitable training unities receive with it you in your new occupation can become successful.

All produced turnovers are converted into points.
The whole points of one month less possible cancelations prove your compensation.

Carry on a detailed conversation with us, so that we can exactly explain the commission and this commission calculator to you.

The commission calculator allows a calculation under inclusion of your own team to you

Please fill in to the adequate fields ONLY NUMBERS!

I am

National Director
Assistent Manager
Regional Director
Regional Manager
District Director
District Manager
Office Manager

and have produced with my team points


Points produced in the direct downline are:

Assistent Manager points
Regional Director points
Regional Manager points
District Director points
District Manager points
Office Manager points
Gruppenleiter points
Consultant points
Trainee points
My compensation amounts to Euro  incl VAT

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